(English) The Collective Journey (Skype)

It’s time for our Collective Journey! Our human narrative and story need to evolve if we want to tackle the needs of an ailing planet. We need empowering stories about the collective!

How do we harness collectives to tell richer, more empowered, diverse stories that work towards a solutionary state of The Hero’s Journey has been used for millennia as a coming of age story, but the Collective Journey is the coming of age metaphor for humanity’s rise from adolescence to adulthood.

The Collective Journey cannot be a singular narrative, but a convergence of many voices of different genders, ethnicities, ages, and opinions coming together in a non-linear fashion.

Glimpses of these experiences are starting to show up in many sub and countercultures around the world: Burning Man, startup culture, maker movement, hacker spaces, holocarcy, massive multiplayer online games, cosplay and in the very space you are in right now: Learn, Do, Share!