Domenico La Porta Movie critic, Journalist, Transmedia Producer

Domenico La Porta is a man of many hats. He’s a movie critic (tv host @ RTBF), an industry journalist (Editor of and a Transmedia producer (with his company KWEB). He is also the head of Transmedia at WALLIMAGE, the Belgian economical film fund investing in multi-platform story developments. As a Transmedia architect, Domenico has shaped multi platforms story worlds around films such as The Suicide Shop, Ernest & Célestine, Mood Indigo, Cub (…) and the upcoming animated series URBANCE that raised $300,000 thanks to a strategic crowdfunding campaign successfully ran across october 2014. Domenico is currently writing the multi-platform script of Urbance and developing TALION, a tv series with Transmedia developments based on his own original concept.

Domenico is also an international consultant in multi-platform architecture, social media, community building and cross-media strategies for the audiovisual sector. KWEB has worked with companies such as Supercell (Clash of Clans), Ustwo (Monument Valley), Studio Canal (Ernest & Celestine), Warner Brothers (Harry Potter) and is now developing an upcoming gamification app with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union.