Aurélien Fache Co-founder OWNI, Outernet Designer

After two years as a software analyst and a developer for Setec Sante (which deals withe the setup of healthcare CRM software : VB, Oracle), Aurelien joins Lycos Europe as a software engineer in the hosting division, where he works on numerous new services and development projects (centralized signup, blog platform, R&D…).

In 2005, he develops and architects the Dailymotion platform. In 2007, after managing the project for Mist Technologies, Aurelien works forNetvibes as the lead designer and
developer of its Zend framework. Afterwards, he co-founds and manages the media on digital cultures

In 2011 he joins FABERNOVEL, where he’s mainly in charge of R&D projects like #APIdays (the 1st global conference on APIs and the programmable web) or Google GLASS LAB (which experiments and prototypes use case scenarios on GLASS).