BUKE workshop


The BUKE is a people-powered bike bus that, in addition to delivering fresh produce in the community, also serves as the symbol of how youth drive change and progress in their community.

From an idea on a napkin at Learn Do Share Los Angeles 2013, to several prototypes, to a business plan, to a youth-run cyclery: The BUKE, as envisioned and imagined by a group of former high school dropouts, is a vehicle for economic sustainability and community transformation.

• The BUKE story is captured in a documentary that over the course of a year follows this story from an idea on a napkin to a ride able prototype to the birth of the DropOut Cyclery.

• The project inspires LDS OS curriculum to be integrated into a special BUKE elective course at CALO Youth Build Charter.

• The original BUKE youth team become teachers to other students.

• The BUKE team develops a business plan to create an educational and artisanal bike shop called the DropOut Cyclery.

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