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On 17-21 August at Fæstningens Materialegård and the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, Sprout Talent Week proposes five days of hacks, labs and talks for a smarter city to up-and-coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students…

What if we grasp the opportunity to prolong the exploration and to focus the debate towards what is the meaning of our cities – the citizens, and the way they create urban life with both technology and face-to-face physical interaction.

Let’s jump back and forth from big data, analysis of behavior, virtual reality, sensors, interface design, hyperlocal data and data visualisation to social media, empowerment, active learning, collaborative thinking, co-creation, play, experience design, place-making…

Learn Do Share Copenhagen 2015 invites everyone to experiment with the notion of Smart Citizens through three days of learning, doing and sharing!

  • August 27-29, 2015
  • 27 Thursday
  • 28 Friday
  • 29 Saturday

Become a speaker or facilitator

Learn Do Share Copenhagen 2015 is a full grassroots event.

You can join Learn Do Share Copenhagen in many ways – as a coordinator or backstage runner willing to bring this day to life; as a workshop facilitator or speaker eager to share your experience with everyone or as an active participant ready to learn from everyone.

Help us shape this journey by becoming a speaker and facilitator. Take the first step and contact the organising team at [email protected].

Discover here the Learn Do Share Copenhagen 2015 co-creators!

Discover a meaningful venue

The Dome of Visions | Copenhagen | Denmark

The Dome of Visions project is about putting action into words and following through on new ideas in construction and urban thinking and planing. The dome is intended specially to inspire and to challenge regarding the solutions for the climate challenges to come.If you want to know more, go to its international site containing information on the concept and the Dome of Visions communities in both Denmark and Sweden. 
1016, Søren Kierkegaards Pl., København K, Denmark

The Dome of Visions is located just by:
THE BLACK DIAMOND, The Royal Library, Soren Kierkegaard Plads 1, 1016 Copenhagen K

Regular Opening Hours
Weekdays – 12:00 – 18:00
Weekends – 10:00 – 18:00

The Dome may be closed due to private events, holidays and the like.

We recommend to book your hotel/room as early as possible. Hotels in Denmark can be quite expensive. So don’t hesitate to try alternatives such as Airbnb or contact the organising team at [email protected] so we could help you out.

Transportation Options:
BOAT BUS | 991 and 992, Det Kongelige Bibliotek
BUS | 66, Det Kongelige Bibliotek
METRO | M1& M2, Kongens Nytorv St. or Christianhavn St. (1.0 km, 12 min)
TRAIN | København H (1,14 km, 17 min)
Plan your journey there with www.rejseplanen.dk
We recommend to cycle there of course!

Become our sponsor or partner

Learn Do Share Copenhagen is a grassroots event and it would not be possible without volunteers, partners and sponsors!

We are always looking for new synergies and partnerships to make this shared experience even stronger and to make it happen every year from now on.

Willing to support this initiative now or tomorrow?

Just get in touch via [email protected].